Anthem takes us to a ‘sunken’ city and allows gear changes mid-mission in today’s update 1.1.0

That's not good, no.

Some people have wondered how Anthem‘s storyline would continue and when we would actually see an update to it. The long answer is complicated, but the short answer is “Today!” BioWare added to the player’s critical path with the addition of the Sunken Cell stronghold in today’s patch. Of course, strongholds are usually very light on the storytelling aspects of the game, but it cannot be accessed unless you have completed the main story.

Additionally, this update limits the number of times players have to actively return to Fort Tarsis. Many of the quests and features only available by returning to Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay have been moved to the main UI as well. This includes selecting contracts and missions from the expedition screens and access to the Forge during missions, strongholds, and freeplay. For those not in the know: This means that players can make changes to their Javelin in the field, a much-requested item from fans.

The complete patch notes outline the rest of the fixes to the game. But look for some significant changes to weaponry and gameplay. There are three new Universal Masterwork components. Extended Sniper Magazines increase the damage by 30% and add a large amount of ammo. Rapid Hallow Points also increase damage by 30% but also increase the weakpoint damage of machine pistols and autocannons. Also, look for the 30% damage increase with the Extended Special Arms Magazine, which also increases the size of the magazines of heavy pistols and grenade launchers.

All the patch 1.1.0 fixes and gameplay additions are live on Anthem servers now. And if you’re looking for reasons to give Anthem another shot, check out the piece by our Not So Massively columnist Tyler Edwards. He gives us a few reasons to still love the game.

Source: Patch notes and Twitter

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Grave Knight

What I don’t understand is why they made the Anthem setting. I’ve been playing Mass Effect Andromeda and literally they could have just made a MMO version of that game. Play Pathfinders, explore the galaxy, fight hostile threats. Anthem is literally just a smaller scale version of Andromeda but with more gimmicks. Plus ME already has a fan base, weapons, enemies, and all that other jazz don’t have to make up new assets. The only thing that Anthem adds is the jetpack stuff and that’s not really even that good might as well just use Andromeda’s jetpack (which worked more like an assistance to ground traversal than trying to be it’s own form of traversal).

drew who

Sadly all the problems surrounding this game has made it gone from a game I thought I might buy at full price if the reviews and player feedback were good to a game I thought I would get when it was on sale to a game I will only play when its in Origin Access basic .


Hopefully after all this non-stop whine faint-hearten execs of EA won’t cut off the game’s development like they did with Mass Effect Andromeda (which actually has absolutely superb co-op multiplayer as it turned out).

And could be nice to know – when are they going to start sales? I just don’t want to purchase the game for the full price.

Nathan Aldana

so you want to call the people who dislike anthem whiners, but cant even be arsed to buy the game at full price?


“Whiners” is the most gentle / civilized term I can find for people who buy – and even pre-order! – EA / BioWare products and then act surprised by their quality and service.

As for me – I don’t buy any EA / BioWare product without at least 50% discount knowing how they are going to cut off half (if not most) of the content to put it behind paywalls (and/or severe grind) anyway. Their standard practice since SWTOR.

Danny Smith

Wow. They are patching in basic quality of life functionality the Destiny Beta had on PS3 half a decade ago.

So this is the power of Bioware Magic.


I love the combat and flying, but the rng on loot drops sucked. I still haven’t geared out. I just have 1 legendary and three MW pieces. But the number of times I’ve run a contract (GM1, public) with zero party members in the last couple of weeks, grinding through that to get a bunch of garbage epics was just too much. I hope they fix that.

Dug From The Earth

Wow… a few great additions. Seriously.

And yet, I just dont really care about this game anymore, so I wont be logging in to check it out. Too little… too late.

Kickstarter Donor

It’s a decent patch, but nothing that looks too amazing. I’m surprised there’s no acknowledgement of loot changes or work done to address frequent DC’s in the notes, but it also appears some notes are missing (lowering the recommended power level for GM3 and the minimum power to be considered “legendary”, for example).

The livestream is going to be interesting for sure. So far it’s looking like they’re going to miss almost everything for April on their initial 90 day roadmap, we’ve got one freeplay event, the stronghold and that’s it.

I’m super amused by the fact that they hyped up Fort Tarsis quite a bit, and the response from players since launch has pretty much been, “There’s no reason to go there and we hate the extra loading screen.” It’s a good change, don’t get me wrong, but it highlights how off-base BW were with many of their decisions throughout development.

Edit: It seems there’s now text chat? Saw text-to-speech and speech-to-text added, does that mean there’s straight text chat too?


I think Fort Tarsis was originally going to be larger and far more dynamic, like much of the game. That’s my guess as to why they emphasized it so much, only for it to be little more than an inconvenient mission hub. There’s a general sense while playing that a lot of content and systems were either removed or drastically trimmed down in order to get a shippable game.

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Ashfyn Ninegold

Sounds right. Hopefully, they will add those in over time, although it may be the sad case that Anthem missed it’s window of opportunity to be well-regarded.

I can honestly say that I was very interested in this title. Downloaded during the free weekend, got to the amazingly confusing mission “menu” during the tutorial, saw it wanted to dump me into a PUG for my very first go round and just said no.