Closers’ new cryomancer class Bai makes her formal hello today


MOP’s Chris already made the best hello Bai headline of all time, leaving us just the good news itself: Bai Winchester is live in Closers today.

“Bai’s unique combat style blends mysticism and martial arts, using her mastery of the Ice Blade for both precise, measured attacks and massive area-of-attack spells. Instead of dazzling her opponents with flash, Bai studies the battlefield, picks her targets, then unleashes her power in fast, efficient strikes that leave no foe standing.”

Do note that more content for Bai is still on the way, so she’s capped at 85 for now and will see season 3 and more content in future updates. Folks who play her to 67 by the end of April can pick up a stack of currency, using “special leveling supplies” to do it. And even if you’re not aiming to play Bai, you can take advantage of a new round of attendance rewards starting in May. Have fun in there!

Source: Official site, press release

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