Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.57 brings the world visit to the data centers

Throw wide the gates.

As players are visiting another shard in the next Final Fantasy XIV, it seems only fitting that players can now visit other servers with the addition of the world visit system in patch 4.57. Now you can hop over to your neighbors within the same data center and just wander around, explore housing, chat, and whatever you want; a new development diary explains a bit more of the ins and outs of exploring other servers, but for the most part it’s exactly the same as playing on your home server with different people.

If you like your current server just fine and don’t feel like exploring other ones, however, the patch still has stuff for you; the weekly lockout for loot from Orbonne Monastery and the Alphascape Crystalloids have been removed, and players can now use coins from the Return to Ivalice series to purchase weapon upgrades for Scaeven equipment. Check out the full set of patch notes and enjoy the option to go visit friends on other servers.