Fortnite bans over a thousand accounts to preserve tournament integrity

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When you’re faced with a major competitive event in a game like Fortnite and you want to win the prize, you can do one of two things. The first option is to put in time, practice, get better at the game, and gradually reach a place wherein you can at least face off against the people who do nothing but play this game endlessly. On the other hand, your second option is much faster and is just a matter of cheating. That is faster! It’s also the option more than a thousand players went with, and it’s the reason that they have now been banned.

A chunk of players banned for cheating from the current World Cup tournament were also people who had actually won and were eligible for a cash prize, a prize that has now been forfeited due to the aforementioned “cheating” element. Most of the bans in question were temporary 14-day bans from competitive play due to swapping to play from multiple regions, so they’ll be back on the servers… but it’s important to note that this is a little reminder that cheaters only prosper until someone finds out about it. Practice looks a bit more appealing now, doesn’t it?


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I wish we’d stop saying “ban” when we mean “short suspension”. Then again, I wish developers would ban accounts rather than simply suspend them for short periods.