The Elder Scrolls Online wants to show you the cats of the development team that inspired Elsweyr’s Khajiit


Who wants to look at some pictures of kitties?! Yes, The Elder Scrolls Online players have a bit more time to wait before Elsweyr arrives, and once you arrive you’ll be dealing with Alfiq… but really, we all know that they’re just cats. Khajiit? Also cats. The development team? Awash in cats. Multiple cats. So now you can find out about the cats that helped inspire the designs of the various feline friends you’ll make throughout the expansion.

Yes, that’s really what we’re doing here. It’s a collection of cat pictures. And not just with one post, either, as the team will be adding more pictures on Twitter up to the expansion launch. Even if you’re not eagerly anticipating the expansion itself, you can be eagerly anticipating a wider population of small purring mousers associated with the game. Just remember that whether it’s an Alfiq or a housecat, it’s still a furry pillow filled with knives.


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