Following Elite Dangerous’ messy April update, Frontier rolled back drag munitions changes


So the big Elite Dangerous update for April didn’t exactly go to plan. Following the rollout earlier this week, Redditors put up a bug thread – no, not just a bug thread but a “megathread” – to collect player reports. In fact, at one point the bug system was so overloaded that our tipster snapped a screenshot of the bug database capsizing.

So what’s gone wrong? The FSS scanner is malfunctioning, the commodity market is lagging, geo scanning is lagging, station resupplying is “borked,” and there are framerate problems on older machines too, among other things. So far, Frontier’s said it’s working on a patch to fix several other issues too, including damage multiplayers, module priority resets, and the restock all bug.

In fact, it sounds like the studio has even rolled back some of the changes that didn’t go over so well. “Based on your feedback, we will revert the change that we made to Drag Munitions, changing them back to how they worked prior to the April Update,” Frontier writes. “However, this is something we may look to revisit in the future.” Psssst maybe you guys could revisit a beta period too?

Source: Official site. Thanks, Stuart!
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