Warframe tweaks Arbitrations, releases conclusion of Nightwave: The Wolf of Saturn Six in latest PC update


It’s been six months since Warframe introduced Arbitrations, special endgame alert variants that throw players into a variety of particularly challenging scenarios with accordingly valuable rewards, and the latest update to the PC version of the game brings with it some tweaks to the system.

The biggest change is that players can now revive their downed squadmates in Arbitration missions, but they’re going to have to work for the privilege. Now, when a player goes down during an Arbitration, a revive tower will be dropped into the map, and players will have to destroy Arbitration Drones, which will drop Resurgence Burdens. Deposit five Resurgence Burdens at the revive tower, and voila: Your squadmate is back in the fight. The devs hope this new system will maintain the high level of challenge that Arbitrations promise while still making sure that downed players aren’t forced to just sit and twiddle their thumbs until the mission’s over. Oh, and the enemy scaling system has also been tweaked so that enemies “will quickly become more difficult” as missions progress, so if you thought Arbitrations were going to be easier now, think again.

And on top of the Arbitration updates, the final episode of the current Nightwave series, The Wolf of Saturn Six, is out now. After spending the entire series so far chasing down (and being chased by) the eponymous escaped convict, the so-called Wolf of Saturn Six, players will finally be able to bring the saga to a close, but how will the final act play out before the curtain closes? We guess you’ll just have to play it and find out. Players have until the beginning of the next (and yet unannounced) Nightwave series to earn this series’s rewards, so if there are still some goodies you want to snag, you better get out there and hunt some fugitives.

Source: Official Site, Twitter. Thanks, Sophiskiai!

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