Mini-dungeons, desert dehydration, and werewolf improvements come to Project Gorgon


The next time that you venture into a dungeon in Project Gorgon, you may be going in alone. Or not. Actually, the game’s new war cache “mini-dungeons” are a blend of public and private instances that are meant to be soloed but can allow others to join the fun.

“Each war cache is designed to be a quick solo adventure,” the team explained. “Each time you start a war cache quest, you’ll get a map that works much like a treasure map, except the treasure is an entrance portal. The map is used up when you enter — you can’t get back in if you have to leave, so you need to come prepared!”

The April 26th patch came loaded with more than just war caches, of course. Transmutation costs were adjusted, the Hammer skill line was improved, werewolves saw a much-needed rework, and monsters’ critical hits were tweaked down to prevent so many one-hit deaths. Also, venturing out into the game’s desert environments are now more dangerous thanks to the ever-present threat of dehydration (yes, you’ll die from a lack of water).

Source: Project Gorgon. Cheers, Panagiotis!