Planeswalkers unite as the War of the Spark hits Magic: The Gathering Arena


Rally to arms, Planeswalkers; the latest Magic: The Gathering set, War of the Spark, has landed in MTG Arena, bringing with it a game-changing array of new cards and the conclusion of the epic story arc that began over two years ago.

The Gatewatch’s struggle against the elder dragon Nicol Bolas has come to a head. Bolas stands on the verge of completing the Elderspell, which would allow him to harvest the sparks of Planeswalkers, granting him ultimate power and completing his ascension to godhood. Now, it is up to the Planeswalkers of the Gatewatch to put an end to Bolas before he can bring his scheme to fruition and secure absolute control over the multiverse.

With Planeswalkers from across the multiverse congregating in Ravnica to make their last stand against Bolas, War of the Spark puts a heavy emphasis on Planeswalker cards. Not only does it bring together 36 Planeswalkers from throughout the history of MTG, but it also is the first set to include uncommon-rarity Planeswalker cards. And with each pack guaranteed to contain at least one Planeswalker, War of the Spark should provide players with plenty of options to create a variety of fresh and interesting decks that are sure to bring a spark of excitement to the game.

Source: Press Release
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Bruno Brito

Waiting the meta to settle so i can upgrade my WW deck.


WOTC was really smart doing the card reveals in story line order. War of the Spark is the culmination of many years of story telling and it didn’t disappoint.