AxE: Alliance vs. Empire’s latest update introduces pets, adds a new region, and raises the level cap


It is a truth universally acknowledged that everything is better with a loyal companion by your side, which is why the latest update to Nexon’s recently released mobile MMORPG AxE: Alliance vs. Empire has introduced pets to the game.

Ranging from run-of-the-mill cats and dogs to “otherworldly dragons,” these critters will stand steadfast by their owners’ sides no matter where their adventures may take them. And they’re not just good for cuddles and companionship, either; each pet provides its master with a boost to a randomly assigned stat. To celebrate the occasion, all players will receive one pet absolutely free, with others available as rewards “from special events or through premium currency.”

In addition to the new pet system, the update also increases the game’s level cap to level 100 and introduces a brand new region, the Valley of Corruption, for players to explore. And if you’ve been thinking about diving in to AxE yourself, now’s the perfect time to do it, as the game has just added a special new-player server that will give newcomers a head start “by providing extra gold and bonus rewards.” If you want to get in on the action, AxE is available to download on the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Source: Press Release

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I’ll try it again if they ever remove gender-locking. It’s so insane to me the devs say this just “isn’t a problem” in Asian countries. You can’t tell me NO ONE in those regions wants to play a male mage character (or at least one that’s not a freaking loli).