The Daily Grind: How much preparation do you do for big MMO updates?


There has never yet been an MMO expansion for a game I’m playing that has not prompted an elaborate plan to prepare from me. Usually they’re even plans that I get wrapped up faster than expected and then get more done. Before World of Warcraft’s second expansion I started my now-longstanding habit of tracking everything via spreadsheet, resulting in going into Wrath of the Lich King with a small army of characters with plenty of money, bags, and prepwork completed. Now as I’m two months out from the third Final Fantasy XIV expansion, I’ve already completed so many of my prep projects that I’m busy coming up with new ones, which I am also ahead on.

The bright side is that I do not want for things to do as the expansion approaches. The down side is, well, it’s a lot of work done for what is, ultimately, a game. For some people, the fun is showing up on day one and enjoying all the new stuff, not in doing elaborate preparations ahead of time. And I think both are fully valid approaches. So how much preparation do you do for big MMO updates?

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Nate Woodard

Absolutely zero!

drew who

None , I don’t have time to waste on stuff like that .


None, other than read up on what the patch introduces.

Kickstarter Donor

Depends what is in the update but if we are talking purely content not features then the answer is ZERO, ZILCH, NADA…

And that is because I play content in order, so unless I am upto the new content with all my characters then I won’t be playing it but rather continuing on with the content I am up to. I do not have a “main” all my alts are my main and I level them together incrementally (i.e do one zone for all characters, then the next zone for all characters etc..depending upon how the game is structured.)

Dragon Whimsy

I tend to take a break for a couple of weeks so that the game feels fresh and my excitement is at a fever pitch when it hits. I’d hate to go into an expansion having just burnt myself out.


No prep at all unless I’m playing a new class or it’s a balance patch.


Big patch for Dauntless came last week. I basically did not play the game for a few days beforehand (out of the knowledge that it would’ve improved so much) and installed a few other games to wait (the update took 2 days downtime).

Hikari Kenzaki

I’ll let Natalyia tell the story of how we had one of the first ships in BDO :)

There is quite a bit of “I know Conan Exiles will have a new DLC eventually, so let’s gather stuff now.” as well.

TSW/SWL never really had that. I think the first time they were getting ready to release Issue 8, I had to push my character through the Transylvania story, but I mean… I’d been dinking around for about a year without coming close to finishing the main story. I really prefer it when games just add stuff in at a natural pace and you can just pick stuff up and play.

SWTOR KotEX were expansions that we did the whole logging in, subbing, etc to get the special missions and also needed to make sure some of our alts were ready for it because we didn’t really think it would be a good place for Talikari. We were right. They still haven’t done that story arc because it doesn’t fit them at all.

BDO is probably the closest I’ve come to really setting down and grinding out a bit so I could play Kama 2. Had to be level 58 for that because Kama 1’s story is level locked.

Toy Clown

I’ve honestly never been into the prep of expansions until recently, other than finishing out leading-into quest lines. FFXIV is the first one that I’m actively running around and trying to finish up things. A lot of that has to do with knowing it’ll be harder to get those things accomplished after new content is released. I have a couple of months of casual play before me as I wait, so why not?

Honestly, I’m finding it fun to do, combing through checklists that pop up, tossing something on the bucket list and working through things a little at a time. Some of the stuff I’ll probably never get around to but its okay! I have the important stuff done that allows me to play when the expansion hits. The rest is fluff.

Bryan Correll

Mostly just clean up my inventory.