A Hat In Time adds in multiplayer with the arrival of the Nyakuza’s felonious felines

Costume sir.

Those of you familiar with Cat Twitter will be very familiar with calling particular cat behaviors crimes, like knocking things off of tables and shelves and yelling like an idiot at two in the morning. Add racketeering, extortion, and blackmail to the list with the addition of the Nyakuza to the platformer title A Hat In Time in the game’s next DLC. But while the promise of feline felonies would pique our interest anyhow, more relevant to our particular purr-view is the addition of 50-player multiplayer with the Online Party mode.

Players will apparently be able to jump around in both structured and free-roam levels, although the exact mechanics aren’t clear just yet. Those who backed the game’s Kickstarter will get the DLC for free, while everyone else will need to drop a few dollars on it; however, the base game and its prior DLC are also on sale before the online mode arrives on May 10th. Of course, you could argue that it’s worth it for meowing malefactors alone, but that’s a bit outside of our scope.

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Grave Knight

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Ian Wells

Hat Kid as a cat girl yakuza lackee with a bat and a bad cat-itude. Its was only ten minutes ago that I never once thought that that was what my life needed, but now I see that I can not continue to live this life with out it.

I will leave this image as a testament to my feelings.

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