Torchlight Frontiers player releases online fort-planning tool – time to map out your base


One of the features that rocketed Torchlight Frontiers to the top of my watch list last year was the promise of a type of player housing in the form of fully customizable forts. In fact, when I tried out the alpha earlier this spring, it was one of the first things I squeed over when I accidentally moved a rock… and freaked out when I realized everything in the base could be rearranged to my liking and enhanced with my crafting skill.

So if you’re likewise enthused at the prospect of having your own custom territory inside an MMOARPG, take a peek at this community project that popped up on our radar today. PWE and Echtra Games promoted a fort-building tool built by a player named Papi and hosted on – you can literally zoom around the base fort, place items wherever you like according to the crafting skill level you set, calculate the cost of those items, and then save it all to import back next time. Definitely an awesome tool for building your home away from home without being in the game! Anybody given this one a spin yet?


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