Wurm Online devs lay out development cycle changes as they work toward a ‘more consistent’ update schedule


According to the latest Wurm Online developer blog, the devs are making some big changes to their update cycle cadence, moving away from the goal of fortnightly updates that they’ve been operating with for the past few years. The devs acknowledge that in that time, “the update cycle for Wurm Online and Wurm Unlimited has been a bit sporadic to say the least” due to numerous instances when adhering to the fortnightly schedule “hasn’t been effective or possible.” While the reasons for this are myriad — and largely understandable, considering how small the Code Club team is — the fact remains that it has made the game’s update somewhat unpredictable.

That’s why, moving forward, the team is going to be shifting its development cadence so that updates will come not every two weeks but on the last Thursday of every month, with any necessary hotfixes following the week after.

“This should allow us more time between updates to better plan what new things are coming, flesh them out a bit more, and have sufficient time for […] testing periods to nail everything down,” the devs say. With the new update cycle, the team will also be shifting towards “a more predictable pattern of larger content updates, currently planned for a few times a year,” and as such, the monthly updates “might be overall smaller going forward,” though they’ll of course still include the usual array of bug fixes, balance adjustments, “and smaller content additions as appropriate.”


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I wish I had the time to play this one deeper. Its a great game with probably the most detailed building among sandboxes but everything takes significant time to get done while same time you got to make sure you survive as well