EVE Online preps 16th anniversary celebrations and 64-bit client mass test


EVE Online is gearing up for its sweet sixteen, and you’re invited to the loot piñata.

“We’re super happy to announce that from May 2nd through to May 20th, all pilots can join in the festivities and celebrate EVE Online’s sixteenth birthday, regardless of their clone status! Log in over the course of the celebration between these dates and collect your free gifts as you go. There’s a total of sixteen days of gifts, celebrating more than a decade and a half of amazing player stories. You can claim all the rewards on offer, so long as you log in for at least sixteen of the days during the celebrations.”

While everyone can pick up the daily rewards, subber rewards are “a bit more valuable,” but you can sub after the fact and grab everything retroactively if you prefer. It sounds as if players will be scooping up a ton of skill points, trinkets, ammo, skins, hulls, clothes, fireworks, abyssal filaments – “and even a monocle.”

Meanwhile, CCP is plotting a mass test next Tuesday on May 7th, specifically to put the new 64-bit client through its paces. “Participants will receive a reward of two million skillpoints,” the studio promises, so there’s a little somethin’ in it for ya.

Source: Official site. Cheers, Panagiotis!
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Yeah. Quote from site:

“Participants will receive a reward of two million skillpoints (available only on the test server Singularity).”

Should not have been framed as a ‘reward’. Should have just been mentioned as part of the setup for the test.

Of course, maybe the text is wrong or misleading. EVE developers are notorious for ambiguous instructions and information. We will see. :)

The real question is when did they last do their copy from live to test. If a person was not playing at that time, then they will have no character available anyway.



Actually the error is the amount, if you read the link its 1m+ sp free in about

We’ll be rounding out the celebrations with the largest skill point gift we’ve ever distributed to both Alpha and Omega pilots! Over a million skillpoints are up for grabs for pilots who log in for the full sixteen days, so be sure to follow along with the celebrations and claim your rewards to be in for a bounty of training too.

So to make it clear its 1m+ for the live server


I think there is misunderstanding here. We are talking about the ‘Reward’ for participating in the 64bit Client stress test. :/


There is no reward for that – I just think they got confused cause same article mentioned the reward for the anniversary events. Actually as long as I play I remember CCP giving 2m exp anyways on test server the times I tried it. It wasnt too often though cause I dislike test-servers.

Ricardo Baião

Love that image, but have they done anything with the Character Avatars besides character creation? Or is EVE just ships still?


Pretty much same as it ever was. Portraits for communications and ships for game activities.

Richie Shoemaker

Participants will receive a reward of two million skillpoints

Woah! Generous

…available only on the test server.