KurtzPel early access starts today


There are a lot of MMOs that pit two teams against one another, but the new game KurtzPel is different from most of them insofar as the teams are small. It’s a new game with a focus on 2v2 PvP fights, although it also contains PvE content as well and repeatable missions. And it’s in early access right now, so you don’t have to wait to start in on the anime brawling.

A full rundown of available content in the game is available on the official site right now, and players concerned over the long-term viability of the game can rest assured that the core of the game is all free-to-play. (There are item packs, of course, but the big founder packs are now slightly more expensive.) Check out the full rundown of the available content if you’re curious, or just jump in and start smacking people around if it sounds right up your alley.

Source: Official Site via Reddit

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obrobos .

Would be great if the game weren’t region locked for everyone outside of the US at the moment.