RuneScape: 2018 financials, clan quality-of-life changes delayed, and Lootscape

A weapon!

Jagex has big news today: The RuneScape company says 2018 was its best year ever, thanks to a more than 9% increase in revenue since 2017 that marked its fourth year of growth in a row.

“Jagex has revealed it achieved record-breaking financial performance in 2018, with revenue growing by 9.3% to £92.8 million. Profits before tax also grew to £46.8 million, representing an annual increase of 3.8%. The results capped off a year in which the RuneScape franchise achieved its highest ever paid membership total and Old School RuneScape’s launch on iOS and Android enjoyed more than five million installs.”

The latest RuneScape weekly newsletter is live as well, and it provides an update on the status of the upcoming clan quality-of-life improvements (delayed), highlights some of the changes made in this week’s patch (not much), details the loot available from April’s LootScape rewards (shiny), and announces the return of a particular kind of lily (of the valley). That’s the short and parenthetical version, but for slightly more details, read on.

Yes, unfortunately the clan quality-of-life improvements, which the devs detailed in the Month Ahead dev diary late last month, have been delayed by a week “due to the bank holiday weekend here in the UK.” So it goes. Meanwhile, this week’s patch was a little light, but non-griefers should be pleased to hear that the devs have made so that players “can no longer place specific items designed to grief portable placers at Combat Academy.” I’m not sure exactly what that means, but if it makes life harder for griefers, it’s probably a good thing.

The newsletter also announces the list of LootScape rewards players can earn for any RuneScape streams they watched this month, and it includes “a bonanza package” for player-owned farms as well as “some player-favourite goodies: the skilling outfit piece, the Loots Cape and Nature’s Balance.” And last, but not least, Lilies of the Valley have returned to Gielinor, and players can pluck them up to give as gifts to their fellow players, which apparently is a tradition that stems back to King Charles IX of France. That’s right, this week’s newsletter comes with a history lesson, too. Don’t ever say Jagex didn’t give you anything.

For the full details on all of the above and more, you can check out the full newsletter on the game’s official site, and don’t forget to check out our Choose My Adventure column today, where we’re wrapping up our most recent deep-dive of the game.

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“Jagex has revealed it achieved record-breaking financial performance”

So how many staff did they let go ? That is how this works right?