Star Citizen celebrates the arrival of its alpha 3.5 update with a week-long Free Fly promotion


Tomorrow, Star Citizen’s alpha 3.5 update is lifting off, and to celebrate the occasion, Cloud Imperium Games is making the game free for anyone to download and play. During the promotion, which will run until Wednesday, May 8th, fledgling starfarers and veteran space cowboys alike can take to the stars and explore all of the shiny new content that’s coming to the game with alpha 3.5, including the star — well, planet — of the show, ArcCorp. This massive planet, which is home to the corporation of the same name, has been turned into a massive city that covers almost every last inch of the planet’s surface, and of course there’s plenty to see and explore in the monumental megacorp megalopolis.

But that’s not the only thing being introduced in the update — not by a long shot. The patch also heralds the arrival of the long-awaited female playable characters, just in time to take advantage of the new-and-improved character customization technology, which “[empowers] players to select from up to three source heads and blend each of their various facial features into a fully customized character.” And on top of that, the patch implements a new flight model that “[incorporates] a total overhaul to the entire flight experience and adds gravity to in-atmosphere planetary bodies.” While you’re waiting to hop into the cockpit yourself, you can check out the full details on alpha 3.5 and the Free Fly promotion over on the game’s official site.

Oh, and current space jockeys might be interested to know that to make up for the unexpected downtime during maintenance today, CIG is delaying the removal of $0 CCUs until Thursday, May 2nd. If you were hoping to take advantage of the opportunity swap out your ship, make sure you hop on it before the offer disappears.

Source: Official Site, Reddit. Thanks, DK and Natalyia!
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