Star Wars Galaxies Legends rogue server teases upcoming Cloud City and Bespin content


Back in February, we covered Star Wars Galaxies Legends’ intent to include Bespin – that’d be the gas giant where Lando’s Cloud City is located in Empire Strikes Back, obviously the best planet in Star Wars ever. At the time, the player-run rogue server characterized it as a long-term goal for the game to add Bespin, with all-new graphics, new quests, new collections, new badges, and “iconic characters” whom you can befriend or alienate.

According to the April newsletter from the dev team, work on the planet continues. In fact, there’s a sneak peek in the form of the screenshots above. “While adventuring on Cloud City, you can expect to visit the most memorable places, including the Carbon Freeze Room, the Ugnaught Scrap Room, and landing pads for where the Millennium Falcon escaped Cloud City,” the team writes.

“We are introducing brand new Story Arcs for both Rebellion and Imperial players alike. Besides the open-world portion of Cloud City, we are also including a ‘Slice in Time’ Heroic of Cloud City to put you right in the action of Leia, Lando, and Chewbacca’s Escape from Cloud City, with different objectives for both Imperial and Rebel players. New rewards will be available for players, including the long-awaited Cloud City player house as well as Lobot’s Headwear.”

If you had told me ten years ago that the most interesting things happening in the MMO community in 2019 were gonna be player-run servers for sunsetted games, I would not have believed you. But here we are!

Source: SWGL. Thanks, Freddy!

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Melissa McDonald

seriously can’t understand why they’d make an NGE emu. They’re basically telling anyone who wants to play an Entertainer to pound sand. I see people asking for clarification below. Here’s why the NGE is a no-go for me (and people like me).

Before the NGE, the Entertainer class played a valuable role. Combat did damage that a Medic could heal, sure, but it also inflicted Battle Fatigue, which slowly lowered your max hit points. Battle Fatigue could only be cured by Entertainers, typically in Cantinas but you could also “perform” (and thus heal BF) in housing as well.

The skill point system meant that an Entertainer could achieve mastery in their class, but still have points left over to learn other skills of their choosing. So my character was a Master Dancer, but also a Pilot, and a Sniper. This meant she could go on a raid and actually contribute. God help her if she took a hit in her metal bikini, but, she could do damage and be part of the raid, and later, heal the battle fatigue.

Before the NGE, the Cantinas were thriving social hubs. BF took a couple of minutes to heal, so people had to sit down and chat for a few. Warriors might take a fancy to a dancer there. A little romance might blossom. Weddings were a big deal in SWG because there were wedding dresses. Simple things like that open up tons of roleplay possibilities.

The NGE did away with Battle Fatigue, and it capped Entertainers at combat level 1. So overnight an entire class of character was completely invalidated.

The cantinas were empty from that moment on. The genius of Battle Fatigue and the socialization it enforced was swept away.

And this is why the NGE sucks.

Humble DG

I totally agree. It’s the reason I prefer the Awakenings server instead. It’s the best version of the game state.


These articles should be started with the phrase:

Incoming transmission.

I know that prolly made a few players smile, lol.

Humble DG

I also like how Tales of Pirates(old IGG provider sunsetted mmo) private servers are run. I like hearing there are private servers for sunsetted(only) games as you can experience games that gave something different since in the past gaming was more towards variety rather than homogenization. Its not fun if every game you play feels close to same and the sooner companies realise this, the better

Bruno Brito

I’ll repeat: Legends is great, but i still feel that ( a NGE problem, not a Legends problem ) they set you too quick on your feet. The sandboxy experience of being a complete zero is lacking, to be fair.

But i get that the NGE is pretty much a call away from that.


I doubt you’ll hear any arguments.

SWGEmu is there for anyone who wants that OG path (which yea i loved starting out like that). Legends is the NGE but i think they have even improved upon that.

The ilm2 (i think it’s called) is built right into the launcher and only need to check mark it for much improved graphics.

If you come into SWG:L and turn those on i admit i still thought the g’s were not that great but in time you realize they are not that bad especially for the size and scope of this game.

You truly want to notice how improved, log into swgemu play around there for awhile and then log back into legends, whoa! what a noticeable improvement.

So i never know what is OG, CU or NGE in the way certain things work either, i read it explained in chat that it was this way for cu, and that way for nge, and wasn’t like that in og.

Where now the NGE to me is the modern take on SWG.

I really don’t care what it was before anymore, or the way crafting, or creature, and how much better it was before because the option to do that is available. Bruno, i’m talking in general terms; not @ you.

We get new peeps and hear that all over and over, well go play that then, always get the same answer, well swg:l is better. lol

Yes! it’s better if you want a little easier to approach more familiar modern smooth formula feel with descent graphics.
NO! it is not better if you really dig old school sink or swim, hard core.

Anyone who wants the og – swgemu, i honestly feel you would not find them in legends asking questions telling everyone how much better it was before to begin with.

You’re in legends because you know it’s where you really want to be, don’t have to be afraid of that fact, we are all playing legends cause we like it too; again not @ u BB :)

I mean i barely even know how to respond to this article, i’m so happy i can play this game and confidently i might add, same with coh, but with regards to this news…

it’s basically an inbound f’ING EXPANSION on route, WTF how do you even react to that? in the sense that this is too good to be true, yet it is.

ilm3 is soon to be released upping the graphics yet again, new gear set, these guys/gals are making people’s dreams come true, where i’m not even past the part where it has fully sunk in that i can play this game, and make it a home again. Really? i can?

Bruno Brito

Oh, don’t get me wrong. i love Legends. You know that better than anyone.

I just think that there’s a specific reason that leveling is a neglected area of the game, which lacks guides, information, even some quests, when you’re actually dependant on repeating the 10 terminal missions because your quests are lacking.

That’s not a issue just with NGE tho, the entirety of SWG was grindy with a weird endgame, and the NGE gave people a endgame which is top notch. I just find the process to get there a bit dull, and i’m not alone on that ( a lot of the discord folks i’ve spoken to agree ).

For instance, my character is lvl 74 right now, he leveled like 26 levels in Frosch. And to be fair, everytime i have to afk level, i feel so damn exhausted with the game i just take a long break. But since my quests were repetitive and grindy, Frosch was the best option. I’m sure more of the game will open for me once i’m top level, but it is a bit of a drag, leveling-wise.


Totally agree, i had mentioned that before at a certain level you feel it and then when you cap even more. That classless system would be perfect within the nge. I seriously felt it when i capped out.

On my only character at the time i went through the legacy quest-line and it dropped me out around 65ish give or take a couple levels. It felt like i had hit a brick wall, but then did a few terminals along with the Nym’s theme park, which catapulted me straight up to around 85 i think? It was fast.

At this time i started with the alt and playing around with boxing so. it eventually hit 90 and was like what now? Well as you know that’s just the start of everything, but at the time i literally felt like what now? lol

Hit the rebel thempark and omg combat in swg is pretty intense and engaging and i’m not able to get off of the boxing, having fun with it so keep doing it, games not going anywhere lots of time to do what you want to do.

I did take a break in there to learn creature handler and made a starter pet and leveled that for awhile, but it started to feel like a waste as i was in the process of obtaining a 60. and the leveling of pets are so slow. (yes i know how to afk that but meh)

Now that i have the 60. i’m doing the legacy quest line again as part of leveling the pet and taking my time with the quest line this time.

That’s a huge problem coming into this game after being brainwashed with “modern” games and the insta gratify rush rush rush mentality, they only have you running around like a chicken with your head cut off to distract you from the fact they have no real content for you and you can play for 5 minutes and feel like you’ve done something great.

Which many a night i spent and did nothing but learn in swg, that at first was omg, which i admit is something not many players will easy adjust too, but the payoff is huge in the end.

I seriously want to get going on heroics but knowing the type of player i am, that will be the end of everything else i’m doing in game in that, i’ll be totally hooked on that and only want to do that, EQ2, SWL both became all about endgame.

So not rushing into that as yet, and again what’s the rush right. I started out only curious about emu, then was like well we’ll see in a month, where now 3 month’ish in, i’m home, i wont be leaving this game anytime soon, with so much still to do, and so much coming, it’s how one should feel about an mmorpg.

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Sean Barfoot

Been having a lot of fun with this the last couple of weeks. Still figuring things out really, but this upcoming release looks mighty impressive.


Join the club, homing in on 3 months and same; “Still figuring things out”.

Depth knows no bounds in this mmorpg.

I’m playing with people whom played the OG all versions, and legends for 3 years and they still have plenty to keep them busy.

Much less figuring out as they seem to know everything, yet will catch them in chat saying “I didn’t know that.” from time to time.


Ah Cloud City I know it well. If they need more influance the should read the original comics because eventually our heroes return to cloud city and Luke ends up on Bespin.


OMG Right! tbh i’m mostly speechless most of the time as yea i agree, this is 2019 and gaming has never been better.

I have two mmorpg’s tugging at me to play them, i’ve not had that since eq2 and swg tbh.

Where i almost hate the other cause i want to play them both equally as bad, figure that one out. lmao :)