Ashes of Creation talks architecture and building tools in the newest dev diaries video


The latest entry in Ashes of Creation’s ongoing dev diaries video series is out, and following in the vein of its predecessor, which gave players a behind-the-scenes look at the studio’s node tech tool, this one’s all about the game’s building technology and the tools that the devs use to create the structures that populate the game world. Guiding viewers on their backstage tour are Senior Environment Artist Devin Lafontaine and Creative Director (and Intrepid Studios CEO) Steven Sharif.

Lafontaine, whose work can be seen in almost every aspect of Ashes of Creation’s environment from the rocks and trees to the atmospheric lighting effects, shows off the dev team’s customized building-creation tool and discusses some of the lessons that he and the team learned during the process of creating Apocalypse (Ashes of Creation’s standalone battle-royale prequel-cum-testing-grounds) and how they used those lessons to improve upon the building tool.

As Sharif points out, Ashes of Creation is “a very large and ambitious project,” and with nine different races that all need to have their own architectural representations, and the building tool has been customized to help the team churn out unique and interesting buildings quickly and efficiently. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the development process, and as mundane as it may seem, it’s actually borderline mesmerizing to see the building tool in action. You don’t have to take our word for it, though; you can check it out for yourself in the full video just below.


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Easy Rider
Easy Rider

Interesting video, I want to know more about combat system now.


My friends, be very careful with this one. For many months now things have been going downhill. Delays are mounting and there is little hope of ever seeing a decent final product among many in the community.

You can’t buy into the first alpha anymore. So I urge anyone looking at the game to not spend a dime on it until they produce an actual MMORPG relevant product. Then you can judge for yourselves.

As to the building tools, they’re nothing special. Pretty basic tech for games like this. It’s an interesting look into what they’re supposedly doing over there in San Diego with our backer dollars, but I’d have preferred to see some proper MMORPG related gameplay.

Jeremy Barnes

Do they have that insta-prebuilt build thing like fortnite?


Neat, still looking forward to it in positive view. Not hyped, just looking forward to it.