Classic Guild Wars just got another update for its 14th anniversary


Happy birthday, Guild Wars! Yep, the classic MMO-but-don’t-call-it-an-MMO that captivated hearts when it launched back in 2005 is officially celebrating its 14th anniversary of life as of last week. To celebrate, ArenaNet has halved the price of the game, including its complete collection bundle, which means you can pick up the game’s three campaigns plus its expansion for basically 20 bucks.

ArenaNet has been pushing out intermittent patches to the classic game since around this time last year, and it’s added another one to the pile today: It’s returned the Augur of Kormir costume to the store and added multiple UI tweaks, including a master volume slider, improved mouse movement, compass rotation locking, an in-game clock, a new windowed borderless mode, a frame limiter option, and multiple bug fixes. The game’s support website likewise returned to life back in February as the studio promised support for the title for “years to come” just days ahead of mass layoffs, so the fact that this patch has arrived is comforting indeed. Bottoms up, GW1!


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Saxon Myers

How’s the playerbase? Would it be worth it to buy it?

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Awesome news!

Jim Bergevin Jr

14 years of playing, and there still is stuff I haven’t gotten around to finishing yet.


and many more GW Original!