EVE Online begins CSM14 election season as Chinese corp plots takeover of Tranquility


Following the drama surrounding the EVE Online’s Council of Stellar Management during its 13th season – which was capped off with the very public ousting of a CSM member over what turned out to be completely untrue allegations of insider trading and resulted in an embarrassing retraction and apology for the studio – CCP is now turning its attention to CSM14. Through the 12th of May, the company is accepting applications for the player council, which allows the playerbase to elect 10 representatives to work with CCP to guide the game’s development. Voting will begin mid-June.

Meanwhile, Kotaku has a fun piece up this week on a potentially huge shake-up of the EVE Online meta: Apparently, the biggest player corporation (guild) on the Chinese server, Serenity, is planning to migrate over to the international server to give the current kings and queens of Tranquility a run for their money. Kotaku suggests multiple reasons for the move, including the prevailing belief that this guild, PIBC, “seems to have achieved as close to total victory as a group can expect to in EVE Online” and is looking for a new challenge.

Now, sandbox players may be objecting right about now, given that a single guild controlling an entire server is about the worst thing that can happen to a sandbox MMO in terms of driving away players who aren’t in that group. I’ve even seen gamers argue that there’s already too much of that on Tranquility already, even with all the drama and dé tentes. However, it’s going to be interesting to spectate from the sidelines if it goes through, so best order your space popcorn now.

Source: CSM, Kotaku. Thanks Wilhelm!
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