Dual Universe begins a drastic overhaul of container storage, inventories, and item weight


There’s something about space trucking that I adore a whole lot, personally. The logistics of managing weight and fuel load, planning of the route, the zen of a focused task of flying from point A to point B… it’s just oddly relaxing. If you’re anything like me in that regard and are a fledgling space trucker in Dual Universe, then the latest alpha build balance pass made to storage and weight is for you.

This inventory revamp started when the devs began to act on player feedback regarding containers and their lack of usefulness. What followed was a self-described rabbit hole of inconsistencies that ultimately has led to the team starting from scratch as the old storage system began to unravel.

The first major change is the replacement of cubic meters to liters as a measure of weight, which has provided more coherent weights and volumes for parts and elements. Players will also notice that fuel cost and weight has been augmented significantly, which is being counteracted by reduced fuel consumption for engines and fuel tank capacity; this should make fuel harder to come by but also let players fly longer at roughly the same cost per distance traveled. Finally, containers themselves are not changing, only their volume: 128 cubic meters is now about 128,000 liters of storage, or about 32 times your personal inventory space.

There’s also a note regarding honeycomb materials, which will now take more ore to make and will be a bit heavier than before. According to the post, the devs want to rein in the number of honeycomb materials players could acquire.

source: official site, thanks Panagiotis for the tip!
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