Elite Dangerous shores up April update with drag munitions revert and bug fixes

Elite Dangerous shores up April update with drag munitions revert and bug fixes

Elite Dangerous’ April update was a bit rocky, with Frontier immediately following it up with a laundry list of planned fixes, including the revert of Drag Munitions. As of this week’s patch, it looks like several of those changes are in.

Probably the largest tweaks are for the commodities market, which was suffering serious lag as of last week; Frontier says it’s fixed several issues relating to trade.

And yes, the Drag Munitions revert is now live, along with readability improvements on the galaxy map, module repair, UI adjustments, and several annoying FPS-lagging and crash bugs.

Reddit is thus far pleased with the offerings, though it looks as if players have already encountered fresh new bugs with vanishing missions; Frontier says it’s working on the problem already.

Source: Official forums. Thanks, Stuart!

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New bugs?

Do you guys not have tests?


I really like Elite, but no, I don’t think they do. Well, let me correct that – they have more tests than Bethesda have on Fallout 76 (which I also like), but, y’know, that’s not really saying much. Elite patches tend to come with bugs, it’s just a question of what size.

What I will say however, is the last time an Elite bug utterly trashed my ship (I logged back in to find my Clipper parked at 90 degrees in the planetary terrain, and then it exploded), support were very quick off the mark to refund my loss down to the exact credit. So I like them :)