Tales of Wind is a bizarre and adorable MMORPG sandbox for your phone


Tales of Wind hit our radar back in February thanks chiefly to this image of a giant adorable cat-bunny-thing. I want one. It’s a mobile MMORPG launching this week on all the things everywhere.

“NEOCRAFT is announcing its action MMORPG, Tales of Wind, will launch globally on April 30th on Google Play and the App Store. covering 8 languages including EN, ES, FR, DE, PT, RU, TR and CN. […] Tales of Wind takes place on Arlesdore, a fantasy continent where demons appeared thousands of years ago. Several of these demons, known as Calamity Lieges, were considered to be the most terrible of all, and it’s up to the player to discover the truth behind their sudden appearance in order to bring light back to the world.”

As we noted at the time, Neocraft is headed up by a Blizzard China founder, and the game is promising four basic classes with two subclasses apiece, “soul cards” that allow players to morph into monsters, PvE dungeons, PvP and GvG too, plus a chunk of sandboxy features.

“In addition to exploring mysterious dungeons, players can participate in over 20 different casual activities, including racing, shooting, quizzes and more,” the press release says. “Players are able to change their outfits from tons of options and capture cute but powerful mounts in this open world. And most importantly, one can meet the destined romance and tend a lovely farm built for two!”

Source: Press release, Apple Store, Google Play, official site
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Michael T Studer

Ok so i love all the discussion about inclusion but people should actually try the game before knocking it, they do have same sex marriage its called partnership. Its made by an Asian company so of course everyone is white, sorry i dont ever see any movies or anything where anyone isnt white in china, or off white whatever for racist ppl that dont see chinese as white. So yea that part is lacking some but that is also standard among this type of cartoonish animation.

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Was tempted to give this a look but reviews mentioning lack of skin color customization and no support for same gender romance turned me off. I’m over the whole gamut of “but this setting has only white characters” / “but historical accuracy so no women allowed” / “but people will be offended by THE GAY”- if your game can’t be even minimally inclusive, I’ll look elsewhere.

Still, thanks for covering this. Would love to see more games that let you capture mounts and pets.


I still don’t understand why everything is REQUIRED to be super inclusive all the time otherwise it’s terrible or the people making it are terrible people. Games are supposed to be an escape of the nonsense of reality, not an extension of that reality.

I mean, you are playing a character that shoots fireballs from their hands and has a huge hamster that puts apples in their backpack.

It’s OK to play a game that isn’t forced to be inclusive. You can just enjoy the fictional characters for once. They are fictional after all being in a fantasy world.

Tamar H.

1) Why does something being an “escape from reality” mean it doesn’t have minorities in it? Who is really getting to “escape” with media like that, and why do they want to?

2) Diversity isn’t forced in. Diversity is just a realistic default that creators have little reason to deviate from, like characters having noses in the middle of their faces instead of on their elbows. When it’s not present, it has been forced *out*.


Thanks for proving my point on forced inclusiveness.

1) Why does it have to have minorities in it? I don’t understand. Its a fantasy world that we are escaping into. Thus escape from reality. If its not the game for you that’s fine. I don’t like a lot of Anime games, I’m not going to force the creator to make their characters to be more realistic looking.

2) your first two sentences contradict each other. Even though you bring up the reason that chars don’t have noses on their elbows the game itself has magic and human size hamsters with opposable thumbs and mountain size bunny/cat things. “Fantasy World” Not real life representation…….

Back to “Reality” though, a lot of the world, whether you like it or not, is not as diverse as you think it is. The majority of Asian countries, Slavic European countries, nordic countries, south american countries are pretty Homogenistic. Very few places have a good mix of races and ethnicities. USA being one of them. And its not because those countries/cultures are doing something wrong. I mean, i can go anywhere in china and its pretty Chineese, but I can go to NYC and have chinatown and little italy within a block of each other and then go to broadway another block away and be in the middle of NYC’s heart and soul of poeple.


No one said it has to have minorities in it. But if a developer wants me to escape into their world (especially in a choose your own adventure MMO style game) then I want to play a character that represents a fantasy version of myself…or have some damn good story telling reasons for railroading me into another male power fantasy.

Racial and sexual diversity exist in the real world, it makes more sense to include them in fantasy worlds, then it does to specifically exclude them. Especially since it would take more work to properly world build
around not having it.


The first post states that they won’t play any game that doesn’t have inclusiveness built in. So yeah. Has to have minorities.

Plenty of games have been successfully build around not having 50 races and 20 genders.

Anyway. The insinuation that something that’s not diverse is wrong is completely exclusionary. I mean, I’m 100% black. Am I wrong for not having a percent of white and Latino blood in me? No. Am I automatically racist against everyone else? And guess what. If I write a story it’s going to be based on who I have around me. And that is perfectly fine if it’s all black or all white or diverse. I shouldn’t be judged on my wokeness if I don’t include everyone regardless just because you want it to be.

What’s wrong is automatically judging something as wrong just because it’s not inclusive or not inclusive enough.

It’s like people complaining that the green robe my character is wearing isn’t diverse in color enough and it should have been multicolored. Now they are boycotting the game. And people saying that the reality is that there are red and blue robes out there too and it should have been a multicolored Robe.

How silly is that.

I fully understand blank canvas characters in games where your the avatar where you want to have some more options for ethnicity. I agree. But I don’t think games should be forced to. If the game wants to make more money getting more people to play then yeah. They would want to. Forced to? No.


Saying you won’t play a game because it doesn’t give you a choice in darker skin tones, isn’t forcing a developer to change it’s entire game…

That’s like me saying I won’t by an iPhone because it doesn’t come in lime green… Does that mean I’m forcing Apple to make a lime green phone because I said I wouldn’t buy it? Most companies don’t care as long as there are people paying attention and spending their money. When they want to expand their audience, they will do so on their own terms, no one else’s. Lime green is just lower on their totem pole unfortunately. Am I not allowed to complain and be upset about it?

People are allowed to dislike something for whatever reason they want but when it comes to inclusivity, everybody wants argue. I don’t see anyone defending the crappy VO in this game, talking about, “it’s a way to escape~just ignore the voices because it’s not real life anyway~”

Your 10 page letter was not needed just because someone was upset about the skin choices. BTW, some people like to escape reality in their own skin.


I started to play this, and for a while during the beginning I said “Wow, no autoplay! So cool!” and thought I had found a game I’d stick with a while.

Sadly a little bit into the game, that dreaded autoplay button appeared and there stopped being any reason to do anything other than do few clicks here and there as my character automatically did everything else herself. Why manually play when everybody else is autoplaying and the autoplay does so much better than I can? It runs down the exact path at the perfect time, if I try to manually play I’m always running behind the group trying to catch up and hurting my own numbers.

That and the dungeon grouping is rough. Other mobile games make it so much easier to group up for dungeons. This one, you do a group finder of your intended dungeon, but then don’t have to actually go in that or even enter at all. It is up to the leader what to do and where to go and it just isn’t smooth like other mobile games dungeon grouping.

It’s not like the great auto grouping and auto starting dungeon groupers in most mobile games, they had to go and make it old style and drawn out for some reason. It feels like when I go and play one of the games from the earlier internet 20 years ago, the old more clunky dungeon grouping tools in them.

It’s cute, but hard to take seriously with it being mostly all autoplay and the rough dungeon grouping. Heck the dungeon grouping is the only more complicated manual thing you do in the entire game, and it’s the one thing that should have been easy and automated.

Michael T Studer

The reason grouping is the way it is, so you can do multiple things within the same group its an mmo after all meant for players to come together the dynamic of group you are looking for is setup in other type of games like arpg and such you need to understand the genre you are playing. And you are comparing auto follow to auto playing really? Ppl on auto die in dungeons unless they are way stronger than the dungeon they playing which makes auto helpful to help ppl out while you are able to do other things in life, yet if u arent above dungeon rec auto will get you killed. Auto follow just helps you get from one objective to the next quicker, notice when you are on auto follow to someone with a mount that moves faster then you and they zone the auto follow makes you zone with them and not have to wait to catch up and enter causing your team to wait on you cause your mount isnt as fast as theirs.