Betawatch: Star Citizen is sending you to space for free this weekend


It’s time to go take a spin in Star Citizen because that game is free, free flying. (Thank you, Tom Petty.) Yes, everyone can jump in and start flying through space, like they’re on some sort of trek through the stars. Perhaps you’ll start some wars. Or issue some commands to your wings. Or… wait, most of the other space series I can think of are hard to fit into this format. Uh… something something Buck Rogers, something something Guardians of the Galaxy, something something Limozeen But They’re In Space. There, nailed it.

Other beta news? Assemble!

  • Another test weekend has arrived for The Cycle, and it is not in space. Or, more accurately, it’s in space to the extent that everything and everyone is in space. Space is very big.
  • Would you like to plan your fort in Torchlight Frontiers? There’s an app for that. Your fort will presumably not be in space. If it were, it would be less of a fort and more of a spaceship.
  • An alpha patch? For Valiance Online? It’s true! The patch brings in some nice changes to some interior procedural generation, so that’s a good thing. If you’re unsure of what to make your character in the game, consider someone from space.
  • Last but not least, Legends of Aria have introduced some horses that do not suck. To be more specific, they do not suck at the job of being horses. They do, in fact, suck at the job of providing escape velocity to your space chariot, better known as a starship. Because they’re horses.

In summary, space space space space. Check out the list of games in testing below and let us know if something skipped test phases without us noticing, we always appreciate it. We are floating in space.

As always, we consider an MMO to be in open testing if it features free, public signups and will server wipe prior to launch. An MMO is marked in closed testing if it’s running a private test phase that cannot freely be accessed by the general public; it’s usually under NDA as well. Early access and crowdfunded MMOs whose tests we deem legitimate will be included. So-called “open beta” soft-launch MMOs with cash shops, no sign of launch in the west, or limited interest for our readers will not be listed; we also do not list expansions, with occasional exceptions.

AdventureQuest 3D: Open beta
Arcfall: Pre-alpha
Ashes of Creation: Alpha one phase one
Bless Unleashed: Closed beta
Camelot Unchained: Closed beta one
Children of Ur: Open alpha, further development merged with Eleven
Chronicles of Elyria: Pre-alpha
Citadel: Forged with Fire: Early access
Crowfall: Backer pre-alpha
Cube World: Closed alpha
Dauntless: Open beta
Dark and Light: Early access
Divergence Online: Alpha
Dual Universe: Alpha
ECO: Early access
Edengrad: Early access
Eleven: Closed alpha
Ever, Jane: Open beta
Kurtzpel: Closed beta
Gloria Victis: Early access on Steam
Global Adventures: Closed beta
Guardians of Ember: Open beta
Legends of Aria: Early access
Life is Feudal: Early access
Line of Defense: Early access, removed from Steam
New World: Closed alpha
Occupy White Walls: Early access
Osiris: New Dawn: Early access
Outlaws of the Old West: Early access
Pantheon: Backer pre-alpha
Pathfinder Online: Subscription “early enrollment”
PixARK: Early access
Project Genom: Closed alpha, servers offline for restructuring with SpatialOS
Project Gorgon: Early access beta
Prosperous Universe: Early access
SamuTale: Closed alpha
Ship of Heroes: Alpha
Star Citizen: Backer alpha
The Black Death: Early access alpha
The Cycle: Alpha, weekly test cycle
The Repopulation: Early access alpha
Torchlight Frontiers: Closed alpha, no NDA
Valiance Online: Alpha
Worlds Adrift: Early access

Yes, MMO gamers, you too can perform the unpaid quality-control work otherwise known as game testing! Check out Massively Overpowered’s Betawatch every week for a run-down of MMOs that are still on the road to reality.

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I tried, first I had to google why I was walking at .1 miles per hour (apparently you use the mouse wheel to accelerate your walking speed). Then I was in a dorm, with no quests, visible exit, or indication of where/what I could do.

Playing google is not my idea of fun, I’ll wait.


This was the stupidest time to have a free fly event. We’re just days into a major patch. You get all the benefits of wonky placeholder mechanics plus crippling bugs and random crashes.

Take Tiltowait’s advice. This game is not ready for the non-insane public.

Now, if you are the insane type who likes to experience alphas and has no problem with pushing a bad experience just to get a taste of something new… now’s the time, as you won’t be out any cash this week.

Kickstarter Donor
Robyn Goodfellow

Pesst they are doing it for stress testing purposes.

Kickstarter Donor
Robyn Goodfellow



Are you kidding me? Ever heard of chat or SC forums for help? Need to be spoonfed too? You better wait…

Hikari Kenzaki

Maybe you’re looking for some dwarves that are red?

Jaymes Buckman

This leaves me with one question.

Whose midriffs are we going to sign?