Enter the Scarlet Conservatory in Blade & Soul’s Scarlet Tears update, coming May 15


Blade & Soul has announced that its next major update, Scarlet Tears, will be going live on May 15th, bringing with it a new in-game event, the final two chapters in the Temple of Succession questline, and a brand-new 12-player raid. When the update hits, players will be able to continue progressing through the story of the Temple of Succession, in which they will be trying to stop a deadly plague that’s transforming citizens of the Stratus Empire into “rage-filled horrors.”

Once players reach the conclusion of the Temple of Succession, they’ll unlock access to the new Scarlet Conservatory raid. Picking up where the Temple of Succession story arc left off, the Scarlet Conservatory will pit 12 players against “a challenging series of bosses,” including the fearsome Graft Titan and The Dowager’s Doctor. The Graft Titan was once a Stratus Soldier, but The Dowager’s vile experiments have transformed him into a bloodthirsty monster that must be put down. Meanwhile, the Dowager’s Doctor, Doctor Gyojak, is seeking some new test subjects for his latest experiments, and players will have to put an end to his mad science, lest they be the next on the operating table.

To help players prepare to take on the challenges that await them in the Scarlet Conservatory, the devs will also be introducing the Dragon’s Bounty event, which will give players the opportunity to upgrade their accessories and earn a number of valuable rewards, including the Reborn costume and the Cryo Phoenix Illusion Weapon. For all the details on the upcoming patch, you can check out the full announcement over on the game’s official site.


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