Lost Ark unveils its latest Korean roadmap – including a new continent

This is different.

Sad news for Lost Ark fans; not only does the latest roadmap not include any definitive information about when the game will be localized for western markets, it also contains nothing about finding the eponymous ark. Clearly, it’s going to remain lost for some time. Although maybe when players explore the upcoming marine dungeon being added with the update there will be something about the ark in that. And that is a feature of the roadmap, although it’s not totally clear if the dungeon will be underwater or just nautical.

The continent of Yon is also planned, an environment with underground cities built to avoid harsh weather on the surface. Players sailing on the seas will also have access to a new automatic routing system, thus making navigation easier upon the boundless ocean. It’s a nice list of features that should excite both current players and prospective players, at least those who are looking forward to the game’s next patch in South Korea.


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Pale Unicorn
Pale Unicorn

Wow this game has too much content, can’t wait for EU/NA release.


By the time LA hits the West, if ever, no one will care.


It took BDO 6 years to get to the West. We knew it was coming 2 years before it landed. Archeage was 4 years before it arrived. Lost Ark has been in development for 6 years now with one mention of it eventually coming to ‘developed countries’ but have since backed away from questions as to areas would get the game.

Russia is already in full swing, knowing the game availability and Smilegate has indicated that the Russian version would not be region locked. As for an English translation pack to accommodate, I haven’t heard of one for that version but I suspect it would be in high demand if copies and server access was available globally.

My concerns will always be how much P2W, limits to player item, gear and amenities that have to be paid for. The fact that Lost Ark hit open beta not long ago after 6yrs of development, doesn’t tell me they are in a hurry to release it to the West.

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Dug From The Earth

I kinda think journalists should refrain from posting stuff about foreign games that have no roadmap to release World wide, or even in the States.

Its like free advertising for something thats not being sold anywhere.

Indigo Salma

Hou bout a world wide release?