Dual Universe is embracing player-to-player trading, not just an auction hall


While many MMO players are slowly becoming inured to the idea that some modern MMOs won’t have proper player-to-player trading, I’ll never be one of them, which is why Dual Universe’s latest dev blog has me cheering. The alpha sci-fi sandbox is calling direct player-to-player trading its Barter system, which is intended to complement the market.

“Often in the depths of the wilderness, you may not have direct access to a Market and might need the helping hand of a stranger to obtain an extra part or element,” studio Novaquark says.

“The Barter system is going to allow players to directly trade items and Quanta between one another in the game world. You’ll be able to do this by approaching another player, opening the drop-down menu by right-clicking on the player, and selecting Barter. The player receiving an attempt to barter will be notified with a prompt asking him to confirm or deny it, which he can do by using the Y or N keys. Should that player be AFK or totally ignore you, the request will automatically timeout after 30 seconds. If a player is in a position or location where a Barter isn’t possible, the issuer will be notified.”

Once the barter session is engaged, players will be able to do what they do in other MMOs: decide what items to swap in real time before confirming exactly what’s being traded. Check out the complete run-down of the system on the game’s official site.

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