EverQuest offers a refresher course on Planes of Power progression and impact

Yeah but WHY though

Once upon a time, Planes of Power was the fourth expansion for EverQuest and it focused more upon alternate advancement for max-level players. The expansion has just unlocked on the game’s Selo progression server. But for those of you who don’t necessarily remember everything about the progression and how that expansion worked, there’s a handy primer catching you back up starting from your unceremonious teleportation to the Plane of Knowledge that serves as a neutral hub.

From the Plane of Knowledge, players head out to the clockwork mess that is the Plane of Innovation, followed by the Plane of Justice. Of course, finishing up tasks in those planes allows players access to further planes, like moving from the Plane of Innovation to the Plane of Tactics. There are a lot of planes to traverse and lots of tasks to do in the process, so if you’re ready for a trip to the metaphorical plane of nostalgia, check out the full rundown.

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The few times I’ve logged in since 2004 the Plane of Knowledge still seemed to be a primary hub.

This was the last expansion I (nearly) finished with my raid guild. I never did Quarm with them. I remember getting the Avatar of War on farm was the worst part of that era. Also, there was a place where we were fighting in what looked like the inside of a huge colon, that I’d rate #2 on the most disturbing moments in EQ.

#1 was that invisible bridge in Luclin. That was the only time I’ve felt actual vertigo in a game.