Star Wars: The Old Republic hints at the Empire’s attempts at Dantooine subterfuge


Things in Star Wars: The Old Republic-land are getting a little more feisty recently. First there’s the Onslaught expansion due in September, which Larry covered in great detail with his latest Hyperspace Beacon piece, and now we’re getting a lore-based primer of some upcoming content involving the planet Dantooine. Go on, SWTOR, strut your stuff despite the haters.

The primer in question comes by way of a tactical assessment from one of the Empire’s agents, who laments the Empire’s inaction in the face of a growing Republic military presence yet arrives with what they consider to be a ripe opportunity: Work with a newly arrived pirate group known as the Nova Blades behind the scenes in order to force a Republic response and thus spread their forces thin.

Naturally, this is all in reference to Update 5.10.3, which will bring The Dantooine Incursion content. This update has been on the SWTOR PTS since mid-April. It appears to still need a bit of testing, as a recent build update suggests, but then this teaser also seems to suggest that this patch will be on its way Soon™.

Source: Official site, official forums (1, 2)
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Jim Bergevin Jr

Oh, so when the Empire found the remains of a rebel base, they were referring to one from this time period. Wow, it HAS been abandoned for some time!