Warframe previews new horde mode, Nightwave Series 2 changes, and a Railjack sneak peek

Warframe previews new horde mode, Nightwave Series 2 changes, and a Railjack sneak peek

Warframe has kicked out yet another developer livestream recently, and as per usual it is extremely beefy; we’ve gotten a look at some Gas City adjustments that include a new horde mode, a new look at the space battle Railjack content arriving with the Empyrean Update, and new details on Nightwave Series 2 among other things. Seriously, it’s a pretty loaded platter.

First, Gas City: This area is getting something of a remaster which includes the Disruption horde mode, where players are being tasked with gathering keys from fallen Amalgams to activate artifacts, then protect those artifacts from waves of foes. If this sounds like mobile defense, that’s probably not a mistake, though Disruption will differ in that multiple artifact defenses can be activated at a time, which subsequently increases your rewards. There’s also some changes to Wisp coming as well.

Regarding Nightwave Series 2: There’s going to be a variety of features this time around. First off, those who finish Weekly and Elite Weekly Acts for Series 2 will also be able to play previous Acts. Series 2 will also begin the process of reducing the number of Acts for any given week and reduce Act content length, but will still provide the same level of rewards. The Wolf of Saturn Six, as players know, is not going away and is headed for a “big finish” by the end of the event.

Finally, there’s a quick look at some of the “space” part of “space ninjas” arriving with Railjack space battles. The stream provided a brief fly-through of the area that space battles will take place in, as well as a peek at Railjack UI and some rough fighter ship animations.

The stream also offered a few UI quality-of-life tweaks, a look at a new deluxe skin for Khora, a peek at TennoGen Round 16, and lots of other little tidbits. Get comfortable, grab a snack or three, and scour the livstream summary yourself for the full details.

Source: Official site, thanks Sophiskiai for the tip!

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Alex Willis

Wow, the new Archwing lighting and backgrounds look spectacular.