KurtzPel addresses issues with the game’s free-to-play balance with a new development letter

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It turns out that converting a game from a buy-to-play model to a free-to-play one is somewhat harder than it looks. That’s one of the major takeaways from a new letter from the KurtzPel development team in the wake of the title’s launch. The game was apparently developed as a buy-to-play title initially, and many of the issues the team addresses in the letter came as a direct result of a swap in business model and the team believing that things like locking two of the four animas behind DLC was a good business decision.

Fortunately for players this has been accepted as a bad move by the developers, which means that all four animas will be available as base free-to-play content as will stat point allocation. Boxes of items will also have a purchase method added through in-game activities, and players who have already bought DLC will be compensated accordingly. Hopefully these changes will be enough to improve the game’s review scores and bring it more in line with what players are expecting from the multiplayer title.

Source: Steam

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Diego Lindenmeyer

greedy conpany

Indigo Salma

So is this game strictly pvp or does it have pve content as well?


there is PVE, it’s basically boss fights that take 3~5 minutes. half of them are currently locked by DLC Karmas, so when they remove that restriction it will also open up the PVE a bit.

really not enough content for a main game, but alright for a side-dish.