Meta: A heartfelt farewell to MMO Fallout

Hey, I duped that fair and square!

Anybody who’s been watching MMOs long enough knows MMO Fallout: It’s been a staple MMO website for the last decade, perhaps known best for its legal analysis and diggings into corporate shenanigans – in fact, we’ve cited it on MassivelyOP dozens of times in the last few years, particularly in regard to Derek Smart, Jagex, Red 5, Gazillion, and the ArcheAge lawsuits.

So we’re particularly sad to be conveying the news that its owner, Connor, announced this morning that he’s closing the site as his law schooling is eating up his time.

“I can’t keep MMO Fallout running, definitely not in its current iteration. Last year I announced that I was entering law school. I did last Fall, and you may have noticed that the last ten months or so have seen a dramatic drop in the amount of stories being published,” he writes. “MMO Fallout suffers without regular updates, and that means leaving out the news and publishing an editorial every week, every two weeks, every month, would be a nearly worthless endeavor as nobody would see it.”

But don’t despair; it does sound as if he plans to return to writing about legal issues in gaming on other platforms when his degree is settled.

“MMO Fallout has been a huge part of my life and I’m proud of everything that the website has accomplished. This website will be forever entombed in several corporate biographical books, in the Arizona court records (as well several other courts), and in the archives of GDC China, among other places.”

Hear, hear. Good luck on your degree, Connor, and thanks for the 10 years of blogging you gave the MMO genre!

Source: MMO Fallout


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You have warmed the cockles of my heart. This is not goodbye, the future will bring a new day.

Victor Barreiro Jr.


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Sad news. But then I clicked the Derek Smart link, and read his comments, and got some good laughs.

Even after all these years, it still amuses me to read his comments. If Smart spent 1/100th as much time and effort developing his games as he does bickering with random people on the internet, maybe people would actually play his games. 😂

Rolan Storm

Bastard owes us Battlecruiser game still.

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Patreon Donor

MMO Fallout was definitely one of the better MMO sites (along with present company, of course!).

Wilhelm Arcturus

He will be missed.

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Alex Willis

Article title neatly doubles for the reality of MMO Fallout gaming.