Occupy White Walls sets off a Cambrian Explosion, adding new assets, artworks, and features


Bizarre indie art-museum-creator Occupy White Walls has released its latest major update, Cambrian Explosion, which introduces two new vendors, camera enhancements, new artworks to collect, a new-and-improved tutorial, and more. The vendors Larry and Peggy have set up shop in the plaza, bringing with them a rotating stock of brand-new assets with which players can decorate and customize their galleries. Also, players can now create portals between galleries to create artistic journeys that transcend the boundaries of time and space — or something like that, at least. And curators will now be rewarded for inspiring their visitors: Whenever other players buy a piece of art from another player’s gallery, the gallery’s owner will receive a 20% credit bonus as a commission of sorts.

In addition, players can now look at the world in a whole new way thanks to the introduction of an enhanced camera that allows them to tweak a variety of settings, including the ISO, f-ratio, focus distance, and focal length, making it perfect for taking suitably artistic screenshots of the galleries they visit. And on top of all that, fledgling curators should find it easier than ever to begin putting together galleries of their very own with the help of the “completely revamped” tutorial — “Now including a sheer drop and a jump scare!” And of course, what would an update to a game about art-collecting be without more art? Cambrian Explosion brings “hundreds of new artworks” ranging from classical to modern for players to peruse and enshrine in their galleries. If you want to check them out for yourself and maybe even put together a museum of your very own, you can jump into Occupy White Walls for free on Steam.

Source: Press Release. Thanks, Bhagpuss!

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agemyth 😩

Cambrian Explosion brings “hundreds of new artworks” ranging from classical to modern for players to peruse and enshrine in their galleries.

This will always be an issue for this game but more artwork is what this game needs. The moment I start to see repeats often when browsing for things to display is the moment things start to fall apart for me. That is probably a difficult thing to deal with when I can skim through thousands of images in a relatively short time for how much work it must be to get them in the game and looking right.

Re-downloading this thing to check out the recent changes nevertheless!


This is quite a fun game for builders and art lovers.

It’s not only free to play right now but the game pays you to level. You buy art and level up (30 is the current cap), which unlocks objects that you can use to build. Also, since we are playing an art lovers game, what you build are called galleries but you can build anything you like. I’m currently working on building a town.

I recommend OWW to fellow builders and art lovers!