APB: Reloaded stabilizes after a week of outages, offers compensation


Fallen Earth isn’t the only Little Orbit MMO that’s been more off than online as of late. This past week, APB Reloaded’s servers were frequently down and unreliable at best. So what happened? Basically, a transfer to new hardware created a whole ton of unforeseen issues.

“On Monday the 29th, we took the servers down to move data centers and migrate to all new hardware for our backend systems,” explained CEO Matt Scott. “This move was necessary for a couple reasons, but mainly because a lot of the hardware was more than five years old, and we were already seeing failures and system performance problems. It was only a matter of time before something critical failed.”

During the transfer, the team discovered several “buried issues,” struggled with a degrading RAID controller, and sat through a painfully slow backup process. The good news is that the game is fully operational right now, and if that’s not enough, Little Orbit is adding two weeks of premium access to all accounts starting on May 10th.

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