Defiance unveils the Event Horizon event (on the horizon) along with the Engineer

How are you... you're still... what

The upcoming Event Horizon incident in Defiance 2050 is going to require some adjustments to standard player operating procedure. It’s pitting players against enemies using Quantum damage, and they’re bypassing shields whilst leeching health. That’s going to make players a whole lot more vulnerable, clearly. Players will be hunting Arkfalls across the world in pursuit of new items, pursuits, and contracts by way of reward.

You could also try to adjust to these new enemies with some new firepower in the form of the Engineer class, which allows players to wield heavy artillery against their enemies and ultimately even pilot your own mech into combat. The event is also encouraging you to pick up a cache containing items from the event, with special bonus items for players who purchase the caches in bulk. Hey, hunting enemies that shoot right through your shields doesn’t come cheap.

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Axetwin .

You guys buried the lead here. That being, Defiance is still up and running. :D