Final Fantasy XI lets you shell out for an Adamantoise mount with its newest login campaign

It's not a costume. They found me inside a meteor.

There’s nothing quite like the joy of looking at monsters in the world of Final Fantasy XI and knowing that one day you’ll be able to ride them. Adventurers in Final Fantasy XIV have long been able to ride on the back of the gigantic Adamantoise, but with the newest login campaign you can also roam Vana’diel from the back of this majestic turtle. Be the envy of your peers and any Quadavs you stumble across! Feel even taller as a Galka! Cultivate a small herb garden on its shell! Get up on the hydra’s back!

This login campaign also features a large number of otherwise uncommon ciphers available for login points, a fine compensation for players who have holes in their collection and already have their turtle steed. It’s important to note that the login campaign starts on Friday, May 10th, with the next Adventurer Appreciation Campaign starting just a day later. So even aside from the rewards you’ll be getting some fun stuff for logging in.