TERA just launched a new companion system for Skywatch

TERA’s seventh anniversary celebrations roll onward, this week with a big bonus: a content patch specifically adding a new companion system to the game’s PC version, intended to allow players “some backup for the game’s most challenging content.”

“Players earn their first partner at level 66, which have beneficial abilities such as casting combat buffs or automatically using HP and MP potions when their player needs them. As with any relationship with a friend, it’s a two-way street; partners run out of stamina over time and need special items to keep them in fighting form. Players will put their companions to the test as strange and deadly butterflies from a mysterious fortress in the sky have spread a strange pollen across the land. Clues to a cure lie in the Gossamer Vault instanced dungeon, where players must face off against two new bosses: the Hellgrammite and the Gossamer Regent. Successfully completing the dungeon rewards players with gear, upgrade materials, and items to empower their new companions!”

En Masse did note in this press release that later this month it’s retiring the game’s standalone launcher; you’ll be able to access it through the En Masse launcher instead. “The process of upgrading is simple, and there’s no need to re-download the game,” the studio explains, promising a hard date soon.

Source: Press release
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