Check out some video of the power in Peria Chronicles’ character creator

Never mind, I'm not real!

The first round of testing for long-awaited cel-shaded MMO¬†Peria Chronicles has arrived, running until May 12th. But does the game’s distinct graphical style mean that you’re stuck playing a very small range of pre-rendered characters? Nope! You can check out a full 15-minute long walkthrough of the options for building a female character just below and see that not only are the options easily as rich in the character creator as you’d expect from a Korean MMO character creator, it looks pretty good besides.

The whole thing looks like a smooth recreation of the animated lighted-and-shading effects that are clearly shot through the entire game, even as the various creator options get tweaked. Obviously, the character creator is not actual gameplay, but it’s certainly a nice look of what the game is promising as it finally moves into its testing period, starting with its current closed beta.

Source: YouTube, Reddit
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