Dual Universe elaborates on its upcoming talent tree system


The devs of Dual Universe promised in their last alpha patch rundown that they would be offering more insight into the upcoming talent tree progression, and they’ve delivered. The fourth part of an ongoing series of dev blogs has provided a closer look at the system beyond a quick bullet point in a YouTube video.

Here’s basically how it works: Points are earned over time and can be spent on Talents — various perks, each with five total levels of mastery, that offer some sort of static boon or possible element unlock. Learning these Talents can even be queued up, allowing you to plan out a path to the type of character you want. If you don’t set up anything to be trained in the queue, you won’t lose Talent Points, but you will be earning them at a slower rate than normal. Talents will touch on practically every aspect of the game, but for now are broken up in to four categories: character stats, digging and terraforming, mining, and tool and element unlocks, with more categories planned for the future.

There are some things testers of the Dual Universe alpha will want to bear in mind, so make sure you’re familiar with how things are going to work for the time being.


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They make it sound like EVE system….in a way

John Mclain

When in Rome… Or in this case space mmo territory, I guess you go with whats familiar.