Get a preview of Lord of the Rings Online’s new Update 24 features


It may have escaped your attention (you had your face buried in pie, after all), but Lord of the Rings Online is currently testing its next major content update. And with that testing comes all sorts of player previews, such as a trio of videos that YouTuber Bludborn posted about some of the most important features coming with Update 24.

These videos touch on the expanded instance finder that will offer many more options than the current incarnation, the long-awaited 64-bit client, and the revised virtue system that the dev team teased earlier this year. He notes that while the 64-bit client doesn’t solve every issue that players have seen, it still is leaps and bounds better than the current 32-bit version.

As for the live game, the team pushed out a small patch yesterday — Update 23.6 — with some small changes to lockboxes and the ability to run Tier 2 difficulty on Halls of Night and Inn of the Forsaken once more.

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