Monster Hunter: World’s Witcher crossover comes to PC as devs plan spring update announcement


‘Sup dawgs, we heard you like monster hunters, so we put some monster hunter in your Monster Hunter so you can monster hunt while you monster hunt. To clarify, one monster hunter in particular — a certain Geralt of Rivia — has finally made his way to the PC version of Monster Hunter: World, bringing with him a new quest to complete, a new monster to fight, and new equipment to craft out of the severed bits of defeated critters.

The Witcher crossover quest is a bit different from the other crossovers that MHW has done, such as the fight with Final Fantasy XIV’s Behemoth, in that players will play not as their own hunters but as Geralt himself, complete with his magical witcher senses, his fire-blasting Igni sign, and his trademark silver sword. It’s also the only quest in the game (so far) with multiple endings depending on how many side objectives the player completes. Successfully finishing the quest will grant players materials that can be used to craft Geralt’s armor and silver sword for themselves. On top of that, from May 17th to the 30th, PC players will be able to take on an even tougher, multiplayer version of the Leshen hunt that reward unique materials that can be used to craft an alternate version of Geralt’s armor as well as the equipment of his protege and adopted daughter Ciri.

In other Monster Hunter: World news, Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and Executive Director Kaname Fujioka will be taking to Twitch later today for a livestream in which they will be announcing information about the game’s upcoming spring update. If you’re anxious to see what hunters can look forward to between now and Iceborne, be sure to check out the stream, or check back with us after it ends for the latest information.