Path of Exile studio says it has no plans to make other games right now

Path of Exile’s Grinding Gear Games has been tearing up the forums and Reddit addressing its playerbase’s big questions lately – it even prompted a heartfelt column from our own POE columnist, MJ Guthrie, on why other companies should emulate GGG in their dealings with their communities. And now the studio is back with still more Q&A responses. Here are some of the notable takeaways:

  • Yes, Betrayal will eventually be per-league rather than per-character. Sulphite will be too.
  • The team is working on distracting master content, map flow, and map sustainability
  • Yes, newer faster APIs like Valkan are coming.
  • “Big improvements” are needed for item drops.
  • Console trading ease and Custom Race systems are being discussed.
  • Another Twitch drop event is happening.
  • The team isn’t working on a Mac or Switch port yet.
  • GGG has 140 workers in New Zealand, not counting localization and outsourced art teams.

And as for whether the team will build another game?

“We don’t have any plans to make other games at the moment. There’s so much we want to explore with Path of Exile, so all of our work is focussed on expanding that. In terms of genres, our core expertise is in Action RPGs, and we feel that Path of Exile was successful because we knew exactly what type of Action RPG we wanted to play. We’d only attempt another genre in the future if it were something we knew a lot about. A Path of Exile board or card game would be fun, but at the moment it’d probably be a distraction from core development.”

There some more fluffy questions about the studio included too; take a look if that interests you.

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