Lineage II is streamlining its early game and adding water dragon raid as Lineage II Classic gets multiple new dungeons

Back in order.

NCsoft’s Lineage teams must be working overtime here: Both core Lineage II and Lineage II Classic are getting updates this month.

Over in Lineage II itself, players will be challenged by the Fafurion Update, which adds the aforementioned Fafurion. He’s a water dragon at the heart of the temple raid in Heart of Tsunami named after him, where folks can pick up brand-new R110 raid gear, including 14 new Krishna weapons and 17 new Leviathan armor pieces. The update also revamps cursed swords in PvP, streamlines early game content (“the entire level 1 to 85 experience can be completed in 1-2 days depending on your play style,” NCsoft says), and creates an “automatic hunting system” to automate some gameplay like “monster targeting, consumable use, looting, and macro usage while in a hunting zone.”

Meanwhile, the Secret of the Empire update for Lineage II Classic will add the Frintezza raid, Anatharas raid, the Anakim raid, the Lilith raid, S-grade armor and weapons, and a retool of the attribute system.

Patch notes for both updates are expected next week!

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