Secret World Legends players host Cabal pride recruitment event tomorrow


Still hunting around for a good cabal in Secret World Legends? While the game might not be as active these days, the community certainly is, and players are banding together to host a Cabal Pride recruitment event tomorrow, May 11th.

Those shopping for a guild can head over to Axel’s in Agartha for a time in which each player group will stand up and share what makes their cabal special — and why you should join. Interested cabals will need to sign up to join the showcase. There will also be a dedicated “cabalpride” chat channel and a running commentary by Happy Tentacle Radio.

“All types of cabals are VERY welcome,” the organizers said. “Whether you are PvE, RP or PvP centric — or all of the above. What is important to us is that anyone and everyone feels that they would be welcome to take part.”

Curious about this “Secret World tradition?” Check out Massively OP reader Hikari’s write-up of last year’s event!

Source: Official forums, Cabal Pride 5. Thanks Hikari!
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Hikari Kenzaki

Was a ton of fun with quite a few people. And Conga (no not Congo).


Great pics! Place was *lit*.

Patreon Donor

Say what you will about Funcom’s sometimes perplexing decisions, but for me personally Secret World has the most original and engaging persistent world, with some of the most intelligent, well-written and designed quests I’ve ever seen in an mmo. If any other mmo has something even approaching stuff like the Tyler Freeborn story arc, I would like to see it. And yeah, my experiences with the SWL community have been almost uniformly positive.

“We grew up alongside the internet, so we were the first desensitized generation.” – Illuminati SysAdmin Leah Cassini

Bruno Brito

Not going back, thanks, Funcom.

James Crow


i played TSW for years,
bought all dlc, 2 life time account + SEdition.

i tried to play SWL and even that i didnt like it as the original i played it for new content, but SWL was just another cash grab from funcom.

Hikari Kenzaki

What a lovely human being that you decided to jump into an article about a bunch of players having fun and enjoying the game and their community to tell them they’re wrong.

Thank you so much for your expert analysis.

James Crow

Did I said something about the community and the people? No!

TSW/L had and still have one of the best mmo community out there.

But I’m not sorry about the things I said.
New players need to know that funcom not making update and it’s a dead game.

If someone one want to jump only bc story and mission (still the best in mmo) it’s great,but new/returned players hope to jump and get new contents,they need to know the truth.

So… What a lovely human being that you decided to jump and talking like I’m trashing about the community? 😂

Kickstarter Donor

Good old SWL community, they’re freakin awesome. They do more work to to try to keep the game alive than Funcom seems to do : (