Star Citizen’s latest developer video premieres a ‘wheeled warrior of wickedness’


Yesterday when Star Citizen dropped its latest concept ship sale for Concierge players – for the Tumbril Ranger motorcycles – we guessed that not only would the sale go live for regular backers today but that Cloud Imperium’s end-of-the-week video report would include a promotional bit for the bikes. And we were right: The episode features a deep-dive on the “wheeled warrior of wickedness.” The bit is almost worth watching just to watch the dev blush over talking about thighs.

But there’s a bit more to the episode too: The devs discusses upgrading the lighting in underground areas, changing buildings and colors on Arccorp, and generating believable sounds inside ships. Had to chuckle at the dig on Game of Thrones’ lighting too. Enjoy!


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Gene Elder

I would gladly buy 80 of these if they would stop having concepts sales and just finish the game. I would buy another 800 of these if they would cancel the outrageously expensive and resource intensive CitizenCon and just do a studio live stream and just finish the game. I would cut off my left nut if Chris would step down from CEO to Creative Director and let someone reasonable and responsible just finish the damn game.

Joe Blobers

Gene you don’t have to buy anything more than starter package. Pledging more is optional and based on fact that a +530 devs team have to be paid not only during the kickstarter promotion 30 days window.

By reasonable and responsible you mean CEO’s delivering Triple-A at a precise date like Fallout 76 and Anthem? A copy/paste of past games not even finished…

The damned game as you say is in development with a Beta (SQ42) in 5 quarters not 2030 or never.


Nice bike, Francis, but I’m holding out for that LTI forklift. Gotta move my crops.

I’m not joking. Has anyone else tried hiking out all the pallets of drugs from the bunker lab? I tried teaming up with the guy who got the mission to stop me, and we gave up after a ship despawn. I actually want a forklift for my spaceship.


Hmm.. :)


Wheeled whale of whatnow?

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Paragon Lost

lol! They guy wandering into the frame around the 4 minute mark with his lunch containers and then freezing like a deer in the head lights… priceless. Then slowly backing up and out of the picture.

I gotta say that if all the time taken the money spent gives them a large solid base of tools to allow on the fly changes, improvements and future work, then the whole thing will have been worth it. That’s if they can optimize the engine well and give us a lot to do in the game world. I almost hate to admit that I’m starting to get a bit hyped up for this again.

LOL! and yeah Bree the guys reaction to the bike between your legs is priceless. Really dig the look of the Tumbler Ranger, I’d own one in real life if I could. lol Damn it, I want this game to release, I want to drop onto planets, explore them with the Tumbler Ranger, mine resources and bring them back and get rich.

And motorcycles are sexy and fun even in 2949 because it’s just you exposed to the elements, feeling the speed and engine power on two wheels between your thighs. There’s something primal about it and exhilarating about it that never gets old no matter how many decades I’ve been doing it.