‘Throne war’ MMO Crowfall explains the art of its visual storytelling

Build a little dark-house in your soul.

Most of the active storytelling you’re going to get inĀ Crowfall is going to be done and explained by the premise of the game itself; player characters are fighting for the gods as Eternal Champions in dying worlds. Simple and straightforward, by a given standard. But there’s more actual lore in the game world and the setting, it’s just not being conveyed through active story beats with cutscenes and dialogue. Instead, it’s all visual storytelling, as explained in detail with the game’s latest development post.

The core idea is that players can wander the various ruins and landscapes of the game to get a sense of the history between mortal beings and the gods prior to the game, as well as growing to understand what the worlds were like before the Hunger infested them. It’s not exactly a pretty picture of a healthy and thriving situation, and if you’re faintly reminded of piecing together the detritus about a dead civilization from the variousĀ Dark Souls games that seems appropriate. But you should still check out the post to get a sense of how a story is being told without ever telling the story explicitly.

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