EVE Online developer releases pie chart of botter shame


Wilhelm of The Ancient Gaming Noob caught a fun popcorn moment from the EVE Online universe this week, thanks to a delicious pie chart posted up by CCP Peligro that essentially shows which EVE Online player corporation alliances have seen the most players banned.

“This is the same historical data we’ve shown at fanfest but without the names removed,” CCP Peligro notes, though he does say that a group’s presence on the list doesn’t mean it’s currently plagued with bots as it represents 16 years of data and in fact includes some groups that have since disbanded. But that probably won’t stop the salt, both the game corporations that are being shaded here and for the ones that are missing.

As Wilhelm explains, the corporations showing up on the Great Pie Chart of Shade are chiefly null-sec renters, though curiously these null-sec corpo botters seem more apt to be caught in high-sec.

I can think of several games I’d like to see a similar pie chart for.

Source: CCP Peligro, TAGN

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TL;DR People from ex-USSR where salaries are lower than pennies earned from EVE botting.


Most ex-USSR countries are doing well, you should update your info rather than re-telling jokes of US stand up comedians from the 80s.

John Mclain

While they are definitely doing much better than in the 80’s, 3dom is correct that selling space pixels can often be more than most people make in the third world. (Hell it can be more than some people make in the FIRST world.)

Wilhelm Arcturus

Actually, the high sec heat map may mean that even more botters are running in high sec space in NPC corps, at least during the time period when that map data was taken, which means they would not show up on the alliance chart, since NPC corps are not in alliances.

Eric Perbos-Brinck

And another reason why I stay the hell away from that game.

Brilliant marketing and PR to boost new player recruitment BTW, as always from CCP …