RIFT to merge European servers and kill open PvP shard

Find the path.

Scooch over and make room, RIFT European players, because you’re about to have company.

Gamigo announced on Friday that it will be merging several of its English-speaking European servers on June 5th. This will bring the current count down to three shards (English, German, and French) plus a “hidden” fourth one to help with load balancing. The company says that these merges are a result of switching over to Google Cloud Platform and should result in better capacity and performance.

Part of the merge means that one dwindling community in particular is going to be devastated: “Unfortunately, the population no longer warrants support for an open world PVP server, as noted above Bloodiron will be merged into the PVE Typhiria environment.”

Source: RIFT. Thanks Patrick!
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